Gold VIP - £12

Gold VIP curently features the following perks listed below:

  • Gold VIP badge
  • Bronze, Silver & Gold VIP catalog.
  • 5 Chat text colours.
  • Super pull command (:spull)
  • Super push command (:spush)
  • Bubble command (:bubble %id%)
  • Room alert command (:roomalert %message%)
  • Reduced flooding (3 seconds).
  • 25 daily respect & scratches (15 extra).
  • Ability to change your username daily (:flagme)
  • Additional credits per 15 minute cycle (500 extra).
  • Additional duckets per 15 minute cycle (250 extra).
  • Ability to enter rooms when they're full.
  • Exclusive effect (:enable 191)
  • Exclusive effect badge (:enable 178).
  • Ability to request a member of staff to supervise your events.
  • Ability to use the :eha command to have your event put into the event alert queue.
  • Ability to set an effect on your room bots. (:botenable %id%) or (:botenable %id% %name%)

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